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  1. Commercial Business Tax Receipt (PDF)

    Apply online for a Commercial Business Tax Receipt.

  2. Development Application (PDF)

    Download a Development application here.

  3. Dog-Friendly Dining Application (PDF)

    Download and fill out an application for dog-friendly dining.

  4. Employment Opportunities

  5. Golf Course Membership

    View membership information and rates.

  1. Home-Based Business Tax Receipt (PDF)

    Download and fill out a tax receipt for a home-based business.

  2. Police Volunteers

    Find information about how to become involved with the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department's Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program.

  3. Special Events Permit (PDF)

    Use this application to apply for a Special Event Permit.

  4. Tree Removal Permit (PDF)

    Apply online for a Tree Removal Permit.