Business Tax

***Please Note: Online renewals are not pulling up for everyone. If you are able to see your renewal fee, the system will allow you to continue to the payment screen. If the system shows that you owe $0.00, you can try again, pay in person at City Hall or mail in your payment. Remember, if you have a state license you must submit a copy of the license for us to issue your business tax receipt.***

Most Common Types of Application Fees:
*Please note the "tax" fee is currently prorated for new businesses only (as of 04/01/2017) according to City Code Sec. 66-39*
                                                                  SAMPLE Business Tax Fees 
                      Commercial (General)                     State Licensed Professional
Business Tax*  $                         50.00   Business Tax*  $                           50.00
Fire Inspection<5,000 sf  $                         50.00   Fire Inspection                  N/A 
Application  $                         35.00   Application fee  $                           15.00
TOTAL  $                      135.00 TOTAL  $                           65.00
                      Commercial (General)                                 Home Based
Business Tax*  $                        50.00   Business Tax*  $                           32.50
Fire Ins.5,001-15,000 sf  $                      100.00   Fire Inspection                 N/A 
Application  $                         35.00   Application fee  $                           25.00
TOTAL  $                      185.00   TOTAL  $                           62.50
These fees are for the most common type of applications. For specific businesses please call 561-799-4216 for fee estimates.

The purpose of the Business Tax is to provide a high level of customer service and support to the business community with excellence, integrity, and efficiency.

What Is Business Tax?

A business tax is fixed and imposed upon every person who maintains a permanent business location or branch office within the city for the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession, or occupation within the city. It may also be levied upon any person who does not qualify as stated above and who transacts any business or engages in any occupation or profession in interstate commerce, if such business tax is not prohibited by Section 8 of Article I of the United States Constitution.

Additionally, a business tax is hereby levied upon any person who transacts any business or engages in any occupation or profession as part of a home occupation pursuant to the provisions of Section 118.285, Florida Statutes. Business Tax Receipts are valid through September 30 of each year.