School's Out Programs

School's Out Day Camp

Sign your child up for a fun day with friends! Most School's Out Camps are at the Burns Road Recreation Center, with lots of fun activities, games, sports, arts & crafts and more. If an off-site activity is planned, we will let registered participants know in advance. Please arrive by 9am. Children need to pack a lunch, drinks and snacks in an insulated lunch box. 
Kids playing on a piece of equipment on the playground
  • Ages: K-8th grade (must have met age requirements for Palm Beach County Public Schools)
  • Time: 7:30 am - 6 pm
  • Resident/Non-resident daily fee: $42/$53
  • Location: Burns Road Recreation Center, 4404 Burns Road
  • Online Registration
  • Sign-in/Sign-out Form
Tue  Aug 28  In-house Activities 321401-00 
Mon Sep 10 TBD 321401-01 
Wed  Sep 19 TBD 321401-02 
Fri  Oct 19 TBD 321401-03 
Tue  Nov 6  TBD  321401-04 
Mon  Nov 19  TBD  321401-05 
Tue  Nov 20  TBD  321401-06 
Wed  Nov 21  In-house Activities 321401-07 
Mon  Dec 24  In-house Activities 321401-08 
Wed  Dec 26  TBD  321401-09 
Thu  Dec 27  TBD  321401-10 
Fri  Dec 28  TBD  321401-11 
Mon  Dec 31  In-house Activities 321401-12 
Wed  Jan 2 TBD  121401-01 
Thu  Jan 3  TBD  121401-02 
Fri  Jan 4  TBD  121401-03 
Mon  Jan 7  TBD  121401-04 
*Activities/trips are subject to change.

School’s Out for Sports

School is out and recess is in session!  Your child will have a blast in these fun and instructional camps. A variety of sports will be covered and played.
  • Age: 2nd-8th grade (must have met age requirements for Palm Beach County Public Schools)
  • Time: 7:30 am - 6 pm
  • Resident/Non-resident daily fee: $42/$53
  • Location: Burns Road Recreation Center, 4404 Burns Road
  • Online Registration
  • Sign In/Sign Out Form
Wed Sep 19  TBD 322515-A 
Mon Nov 19 TBD  322515-B 
Tue  Nov 20  TBD  322515-C 
Wed  Nov 21  TBD  322515-D 
Wed  Dec 26  TBD  322515-E 
Thu  Dec 27  TBD  322515-F 
Fri  Dec 28  TBD  322515-G 
*Activities/trips are subject to change.

PBG Predators Soccer Camp

This camp is specifically designed for soccer players ages 5 to 14 years old. The camp will include several aspects of technical development including passing, dribbling and shooting. Tactical games will be played every day which include small-sided world-cup tournaments and full-sided games to improve players' game-decisions and conditioning.
A group of boys playing soccer
All camp instruction is from our professional coaching staff. Our curriculum for camp will provide every player with positive coaching and a positive experience. The afternoon session will include indoor Futsal Soccer!

Players must bring cleats for outdoor soccer and sneakers for indoor soccer in the afternoon. Please wear shinguards and bring water, lunch, and snacks. Campers will train outdoors until noon at Lilac Park then walk to the recreation center for lunch and futsal training. Organized activities begin at 9am and end at 4pm.  
  • Age: 5-14
  • Time: 7:30 am - 6 pm
  • Resident/Non-resident Daily Fee: $42/$53
  • Location: Lilac Park/Burns Road Recreation Center (Drop-off will be at Lilac Park, 4175 Lilac Street and pickup will be at the Burns Road Recreation Center,4404 Burns Road.)
  • Instructor: PBG Predators Soccer Club
  • Online Registration
  • Sign-in/Sign-out Form
Wed  Sep 19  322514-01 
Mon  Nov 19  322514-02 
Tue  Nov 20  322514-03 
Wed  Nov 21  322514-04 
Register online or in person at any Recreation service desk. Space is limited, so register early!

How to find your Childcare Statement

Follow these easy steps to print your Childcare Statement for your 2016 tax return:
  1. On any Recreation web page, click on the "Register/Pay for a Program" button or go to
  2. Log in to your household
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Click on Childcare Statement
  5. Select tax year, enter email address and submit
The City of Palm Beach Gardens Tax ID # is 59-6045863.

Canceled Classes

Many classes/programs are canceled due to low enrollment. If you are interested in taking a class that has been canceled, please email the Recreation Division or call 561-630-1100 and put your name on a list to let us know that you are interested in that class. Once we have enough people to hold the class, we will try to restart that class.