Zika Virus Information

As the Zika virus continues to be a concern, the City of Palm Beach Gardens has carefully been monitoring the situation and is taking a proactive approach to ensure the safety of our community. Beginning Monday, August 29th, 2016 an additional mosquito spraying schedule will begin in Palm Beach Gardens. Spraying will continue through Friday, September 2nd, weather permitting. Each spray will occur from dusk through 10 p.m.

The City-wide mosquito spraying treatment will utilize a new chemical called Duet®, a dual-action adulticide, to combat night and daytime flying mosquitoes. The proven active ingredients being used are prallethrin and sumithrin (a CDC recommended active ingredient for Zika control). This week, City staff completed a comprehensive larviciding process to treat all catch basins, ponding grass areas and manholes within City limits with Naturlar T-30 tablets.

In addition, the City will post signage in its parks and in public buildings to inform patrons of steps they can take to protect against the Zika virus. Residents are encouraged to take precautions at their homes that could significantly decrease mosquito breeding opportunities, especially with the increased rainfall in South Florida. Inspect your property for standing water; even the smallest amount of water in bird baths, flower pots or spare tires is enough to breed mosquito larvae.


  • Increasing mosquito spraying to reduce the adult population & treating bodies of water to eliminate growing larvae.
  • Placing signs at parks and public facilities to raise public awareness of the Zika virus.
  • Providing Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus for use by all City employees, especially those who work outdoors.
  • Providing Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus for use by children at Riverside Youth Enrichment Center.
  • Creating a Zika Information Line for residents to call with questions about Zika in Palm Beach Gardens: 561-630-1112 (Monday-Friday, 8-4:30 PM).
  • Increasing efforts to educate the public about prevention of mosquito breeding & protection against the Zika Virus.
  • Monitoring information on regional Zika cases and participating in conference calls provided by Governor Rick Scott.

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