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American Red Cross
Florida Division of Emergency Management
National Hurricane Center 
Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management
Ready South Florida
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Solid Waste Authority
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What should you do to prepare?
The storm has past. What are the next steps?


The storm is coming. Now what?

Timing is critical to good planning. The time to put your survival plan into action is when forecasters predict a storm is headed toward Palm Beach Gardens. The first step to knowing what to do when the storm is coming is to have decided early whether you're staying or evacuating. The State of Florida Emergency Management web site has a brochure that will help you navigate whether you're evacuating or staying.

As mentioned earlier, know your zone. Refer to the evacuation maps at Palm Beach County Emergency Management's website, and locate where you live and your evacuation zone. Determine if and when you would have to evacuate. REMEMBER: ALL MOBILE HOME RESIDENTS MUST EVACUATE, REGARDLESS OF LOCATION.

There are a number of things to consider that are the same regardless of whether you're staying or going. Those include:

  • Notify friends and family of your plan.

  • Monitor local news and weather forecasters and the National Weather Service to stay alert to current conditions and storm advisories.

  • Purchase a NOAA weather radio.

  • Keep your disaster supply kit available, whether staying or traveling.

  • Fill your vehicles with gas and have cash available.