GreenMarket Jury Process


All prospective vendors seeking participation in the market as an Artisan, Crafter and Handmade Goods Vendor must jury their products every two years* and may be accepted based on the following information:

  • After completing and submitting an application, vendor agrees to electronically submit pictures/videos and product information (see below), within 72 hours of application submission to
    1. Demonstration of how products are created-
      • Materials and tools used
      • Beginning, middle and end of production process
      • Market staff may request additional photos/videos
    2. All products that the prospective vendor would like to sell at the market 
    3. Supply source (nature, store bought, repurposed, etc.)
    4. Description of production technique types
    5. Social media and/or website information

All of the information listed above is REQUIRED in order for an application to be considered "complete". 

*Vendors who have submitted photos/videos during the 2021-2022 market season do not need to resubmit this information for the 2022-2022 market season. With that said, the City reserves the right to request additional information anytime throughout the year.

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