Youth Fitness

All youth programs take place at Burns Road Community Center unless otherwise noted and highlighted.

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Amazing Athletes Outdoor Sports Programs

Amazing Tots

Amazing Tots uses sports as a catalyst for cognitive development. The sports of basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, and track & field are introduced in a setting that allows for exploration, yet with structure and education to enable rapid development of motor skills. No class Mar 17.

  • Age: 18 mos-2 years
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
  • Location: The Gardens North County District Park,5101 117th Ct. N  
ThuJan 13- Feb 179:00-9:30am$90/$113111708-1A
ThuJan 13- Feb 179:45-10:15am$90/$113111708-1B
ThuFeb 24 - Apr 79:00-9:30am$90/$113111708-2A
ThuFeb 24 - Apr 79:45-10:15am$90/$113111708-2B
ThuApr 14 - May 199:00-9:30am$90/$113111708-3A
ThuApr 14 - May 199:45-10:15am$90/$113111708-3B

Amazing Athletes

A fun, non-competitive environment for developing a familiarity and requisite motor skills for 10 different sports, including lacrosse, tennis, golf, track & field, volleyball, football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. Each class features various plyometric activities and stretching for warm-up, and an obstacle course adventure with two sports using age-appropriate equipment. No classes Mar 15 &17.

  • Age: 3-5
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
  • Location: The Gardens North County District Park, 5101 117th Ct. N.
TueJan 11 - Feb 151:00-1:45pm$95/$119CANCELLED
ThuJan 13 - Feb 1710:30-11:15am$95/$119 111709-1B
TueFeb 22 - Apr 51:00-1:45pm$95/$119111709-2A
ThuFeb 24 - Apr 710:30-11:15am$95/$119111709-2B
TueApr 12 - May 171:00-1:45pm$95/$119111709-3A
ThuApr 14 - May 1910:30-11:15am$95/$119111709-3B

Amazing Athletes Families

Amazing Athletes Families introduces 10 different sports and a curriculum designed to give children the opportunity to develop their sports skills while spending one-on-one time with their parents or loved ones. No classes Mar 15 & 19. Fee is per child.

  • Age: 3-7 w/ parent 
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
  • Location: Mirasol Park Pavilion, 12385 Jog Rd.
TueJan 11 - Feb 155:30-6:15pm$95/$119CANCELLED
SatJan 8 - Feb 1210:15-11:00am$95/$119CANCELLED
TueFeb 22 - Apr 55:30-6:15pm$95/$119CANCELLED
SatFeb 19 - Apr 210:15-11:00am$95/$119CANCELLED
TueApr 12 - May 175:30-6:15pm$95/$119CANCELLED
SatApr 9 - May 1410:15-11:00am$95/$119CANCELLED

Amazing Athletes PE

Athletes will learn various plyometric movements, dynamic stretches, and sports conditioning while building self-confidence. Each athlete will participate in track and field, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, football, basketball, baseball, golf, and hockey. No class Mar 15.

  • Age: 6-10
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
  • Location: The Gardens North County District Park, 5101 117th Ct. N. 
TueJan 11 - Feb 154:00-4:45pm$95/$119121709-1A
TueFeb 22 - Apr 54:00-4:45pm$95/$119121709-2A
TueApr 12 - May 174:00-4:45pm$95/$119121709-3A


Learn the basics of knot tying, baiting hooks, baits, species identification and environmental stewardship. Receive your own FREE rod and reel to take home. We provide all the fishing equipment including rods, bait, etc. All fish will be released. 

  • Age: 6-13
  • Instructor: Building Up Sports Academy
  • Location: Lake Catherine Park, 9481 MacArthur Blvd
SatFeb 5 - 269:00-11:00am$125/$157121505-1A

Small and Tall Gymnastics

We will use the beginning skills in gymnastics along with play to further the physical development and coordination of the students. No class Mar 17.

  • Age: 1-2 w/parent
  • Instructor: The Gymnastics Revolution
ThuJan 6 - Feb 1010:00-10:45am$108/$135CANCELLED
ThuFeb 24 - Apr 710:00-10:45am$108/$135112501-2A
ThuApr 14 - May 1910:00-10:45am$108/$135112501-3A

Tots Gymnastics

Our young gymnasts use the scaled down gymnastics equipment in order to learn beginning skills. This class will teach strength, balance, flexibility, and discipline, along with play to further the student’s physical development and coordination skills. No class Mar 17.

  • Age: 3-5 
  • Instructor: The Gymnastics Revolution
ThuJan 6 - Feb 1011:00-11:50am$108/$135112502-1B
ThuJan 6 - Feb 102:30-3:20pm$108/$135112502-1C
ThuFeb 24 - Apr 711:00-11:50am$108/$135112502-2B
ThuFeb 24 - Apr 72:30-3:20pm$108/$135112502-2C
ThuApr 14 - May 1911:00-11:50am$108/$135112502-3B
ThuApr 14 - May 192:30-3:20pm$108/$135112502-3C

Beginner Gymnastics

An introduction of gymnastics for children ages 5 and up as a tool for developing both physically and mentally. This program will teach strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and discipline. Through positive reinforcement, the children can learn the skills at their own pace. No class Mar 17. 

  • Age: 5-9
  • Instructor: The Gymnastics Revolution
ThuJan 6 - Feb 103:30-4:20pm$108/$135122503-1A
ThuFeb 24 - Apr 73:30-4:20pm$108/$135122503-2A
ThuApr 14 - May 193:30-4:20pm$108/$135122503-3A

Ninja Fitness

Kids can challenge their inner ninja and learn how to train and strengthen their muscles while increasing confidence in their movement and abilities. Develop skills such as team building, camaraderie, and perseverance. The kids will use obstacles and circuit-based activities to increase their endurance, strength, balance, and coordination all while in a controlled and safe environment. No class Mar 17.

  • Age: 7-15
  • Instructor: The Gymnastics Revolution
ThuJan 6 - Feb 104:30-5:20pm$108/$135122505-1A
ThuFeb 24 - Apr 74:30-5:20pm$108/$135122505-2A
ThuApr 14 - May 194:30-5:20pm$108/$135122505-3A

Palm Beach Rhythmic Gymnastics

Participants learn elements of dance, gymnastics, and ballet while also incorporating the use of apparatuses (balls, ribbon, hoops, etc.). Participants will improve dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and strength among other physical abilities. Prospective competition Club Team members must audition and get a coach’s approval. Please email to schedule an audition. No classes Jan 17 or Mar 14-21.

  • Instructor: Maureen Holdreith Digulimio / Nattalie Kirkconnell

Jumping Juniors

MonJan 10 - Mar 75-93:30-4:20pm$108/$135122502-1A
MonJan 10 - Mar 710-154:30-5:20pm$108/$135122502-1B
WedJan 12 - Mar 25-93:30-4:20pm$108/$135122502-1C
WedJan 12 - Mar 210-154:30-5:20pm$108/$135122502-1D
MonMar 28 - May 165-93:30-4:20pm$108/$135122502-2A
MonMar 28 - May 1610-154:30-5:20pm$108/$135122502-2B
WedMar 23 - May 115-93:30-4:20pm$108/$135122502-2C
WedMar 23 - May 1110-154:30-5:20pm$108/$135122502-2D

Club Team

M & WJan 10 - May 183:30-5:30pm7-15$147/$184 mo422521-1

Karate for Kids and Teens

Focus on improving balance and coordination while emphasizing self-control, self-discipline, and building self-confidence through the development of basic karate techniques. No classes Jan 17 or Feb 21.

  • Age: 7-15
  • Instructor: Florida Shotokan Traditional Karate Association
M/WJan 10 - Mar 96:15-7:00pm$140/$175121802-1
M/WMar 21 - May 116:15-7:00pm