Youth Fitness

All youth programs take place at Burns Road Community Center unless otherwise noted and highlighted.

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Amazing Tots

It's never too early to introduce healthy activities into your child's life. At Amazing Tots, we use sports as a catalyst for cognitive development. The sports of basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, and track & field are introduced in a setting that allows for exploration, yet with structure and education to enable rapid development of motor skills. No Class Nov 25.

  • Age: 18 mos-2.5 years
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
  • Location: The Gardens North County District Park
ThuSep 23 - Oct 289:00-9:30am$90/$112311708-1A
ThuNov 4 - Dec 169:00-9:30am$90/$112311708-2A

Amazing Athletes

Our Amazing Athletes program is a great first introduction to sports. We seek to create a fun, non-competitive environment for developing a familiarity and requisite motor skills for 10 different sports, including lacrosse, tennis, golf, track & field, volleyball, football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. Each class features various plyometric activities and stretching for warm-up, an obstacle course adventure, two sports using age-appropriate equipment. No Class Sep 16, or Nov 23.

  • Age: 3-5
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
  • Location: The Gardens North County District Park
TueSep 21 - Oct 261:00-1:45pm$95/$118311709-1A
ThuSep 23 - Oct 28
TueNov 2 - Dec 141:00-1:45pm$95/$118311709-2A
ThuNov 4 - Dec 16

Amazing Athletes Families

Calling all amazing parents in search of a program with a great mix of sports, exercise, and fun! Join in this new parent/athlete style class led by certified Amazing Athletes coaches. Expect to sweat alongside your child, while learning new cues, techniques, and exercises to continually lay and build upon a healthy foundation that will last a lifetime. Amazing Families classes introduce ten different sports and curriculum designed to give the children the opportunity to develop their sports skills while spending one on one time with their parents or loved ones.

  • Age: 3-7
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
  • Location: Mirasol Park
SatSep 25 - Oct 3010:15-11:00am$95/$118321710-1A
SatNov 6 - Dec 1810:15-11:00am$95/$118321710-2A

Amazing Athletes PE

Looking for a safe, fun way to keep your child moving and learning? Amazing Athletes now offers PE to ages 6-10. Each week they will learn and participate in various plyometric movements, dynamic stretches, and sports conditioning. The sport focus will change weekly, so your child gets to learn a little bit about each of the 10 sports including: track and field, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, football, basketball, baseball, golf, and hockey. Our program has been proven to help increase a child's self-confidence and personal fitness.

  • Age: 6-10
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
  • Location: The Gardens North County District Park
TueSep 21 - Oct 264:00-4:45pm$95/$118321709-1A
TueSep 23 - Oct 284:00-4:45pm$95/$118321709-2A

Small and Tall Gymnastics

The parent participates with their child during this class. We will use the beginning skills in gymnastics along with play to further the physical development and coordination of the students. (8 Week Sessions) No Class Sep 16. 

  • Age: 1-2 w/parent
  • Instructor: The Gymnastics Revolution
ThuAug 26-Oct 710:00-10:45am$108/$135CANCELLED
ThuOct 14-Nov 1810:00-10:45am$108/$135312505-2A

Tots Gymnastics

Our young gymnasts use the scaled down gymnastics equipment in order to learn beginning skills. This class will teach strength, balance, flexibility, and discipline, along with play to further the student’s physical development and coordination skills. No Class Sep 16.

  • Age: 3-5 
  • Instructor: The Gymnastics Revolution
ThuAug 26-Oct 7
ThuAug 26-Oct 7
ThuOct 14-Nov 18
ThuOct 14-Nov 18

Beginner Gymnastics

An introduction of gymnastics for children ages 5 and up as a tool for developing both physically and mentally. This program will teach strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and discipline. Through positive reinforcement, the children can learn the skills at their own pace. No Class Sep 16.

  • Age: 5-9
  • Instructor: The Gymnastics Revolution
ThuAug 26-Oct 73:30-4:20pm$108/$135322521-1A
ThuOct 14-Nov 18

Ninja Fitness

Kids can challenge their inner ninja and learn how to train and strengthen their muscles while increasing confidence in their movement and abilities. Develop skills such as team building, camaraderie, and perseverance. The kids will use obstacles and circuit-based activities to increase their endurance, strength, balance, and coordination all while in a controlled and safe environment. No Class Sep 16.

  • Age: 7-15
  • Instructor: The Gymnastics Revolution
ThuAug 26-Oct 74:30-5:20pm$108/$135322522-1A
ThuOct 14-Nov 18

Rhythmic Gymnastics

This program teaches participants elements of dance, gymnastics, and ballet while also incorporating the use of apparatuses (balls, ribbon, hoops, etc.). Participants will improve dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and strength among other physical abilities. No Classes Sep 6.

  • Instructor: Maureen Holdreith Digulimio / Nattalie Kirkconnell
MonAug 23-Oct 185-143:30-4:20pm$108/$135322523-1A
WedAug 25-Oct 133-143:30-4:20pm$108/$135322523-1B
MonOct 25-Dec 205-143:30-4:20pm$108/$135322523-2A
WedOct 20-Dec 153-143:30-4:20pm$108/$135322523-2B

Palm Beach Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

Team Prospective Competition Team members must audition and get a coach’s approval. Please contact Coach Nattalie at 561-723-1242 to schedule an audition. No classes Sep 6, Nov 22, or Nov 24.

  • Age: 6-14
  • Instructor: Maureen Holdreith Digulimio/Nattalie Kirkconnell
M & WAug 23-Dec 203:30-5:30pm$147/$184 mo422521-1

Stellar Kids Yoga

Stellar Kids Yoga is a captivating hybrid of music time, learning circle, and yoga class. Join licensed speech pathologist/educator for an interactive yoga lesson that incorporates songs, stories, movement, meditation, and mindfulness. Yoga poses are incorporated into weekly thematic units that focus on language concepts, body image, and self-confidence. No Class Nov 22. 

  • Instructor: Jennifer Rodriguez
MonSep 20-Oct 253-54:00-4:30pm$75/$90312902-1A
MonSep 20-Oct 256-104:45-5:30pm$90/$120322902-1A
MonNov 1-Dec 133-54:00-4:30pm$75/$90312902-2A
MonNov 1-Dec 136-104:45-5:30pm$90/$120322902-2A

Karate for Kids

This 45-minute class is designed for younger children to help develop basic karate skills. The focus is on improving balance and coordination while emphasizing self-control, self-discipline, and building self-confidence through development of basic karate techniques. (8 week sessions) No Class Sep 6, Nov 22 or Nov 24.

  • Age: 7-9
  • Instructor: Florida Shotokan Traditional Karate Association
M/WAug 23-Oct 136:15-7:00pm$132/$165321802-1
M/WOct 18-Dec 156:15-7:00pm$140/$175321802-2

Karate for Tweens and Teens

A class designed to help older students develop strong fundamental karate techniques. Self defense and effective karate technique are the main focus of the class with attention given to balance, speed and target awareness. No Class Sep 6, Nov 22 or Nov 24.

  • Age: 10-15
  • Instructor: Florida Shotokan Traditional Karate Association
M/WAug 23-Oct 137:00-7:45pm$132/$165321803-1
M/WOct 18-Dec 157:00-7:45pm$132/$165321803-2

Self Defense Classes

Our goal is to provide authentic and meaningful training and educational experiences for every participant. Adult classes will focus on specific self-defense techniques. All of our instructors are internationally ranked and certified and, individually, have between 25 - 45 years of continuous training and teaching experience. No Class Sep 6, Nov 22 or Nov 24. 

  • Age: 16 & Up
  • Instructor: Florida Shotokan Traditional Karate Association
M/WAug 23-Oct 137:45-8:15pm
M/WOct 18-Dec 157:45-8:15pm