Permit Types & Qualifications

Permit Types

The City hosts a number of different activities at its facilities and receives a high volume of permit requests.  City staff members may deny or cancel permits for any reason, at their sole discretion.  All permit holders must:

  • have a valid credit card on file with the City’s Recreation Department, with the exception of Common Park Space Permit holders.  
  • be able to produce a copy (paper or electronic) of the permit during facility use if requested by a City staff member. 
  • utilize the facility for its intended use unless given written authorization from a Recreation staff member.
  • not sublease a facility under any condition.
  • be present at the permitted facility for the duration of each permitted use.  For groups and organizations, board members or other designated stakeholders may act as the permit holder during facility use but must be approved by a City staff member.

Common Park Space Permit

Groups wishing to use a common park space such as a playground or open space must obtain a permit.  This type of permit is most applicable to camps, schools, and other community groups.  

Block Permit

Block permits, regularly-occurring permits over a period of time, are issued for City-organized activities as well as to recognized groups and organizations.  

If approved, permits for individual days will be coordinated directly with the assigned Recreation Department liaison. Block permit holders must have a permit for each facility use.  Rosters, complete with participant names and addresses, are required for each Block permit holder.

Block permits may be submitted in advance as the table below dictates:

GroupDays in Advance
City ProgramsAnytime
PBGYAA Recreation90 days
PBGYAA Travel75 days
Historical Organizations60 days
Recognized Groups45 days
Other Groups30 days
City PartnershipsAs contract allows

Daily Permit

While groups and organizations also qualify for daily permits, they are mainly issued to individuals for single-time or limited duration facility uses.  Daily permits are typically issued to pickup style activities for a group of individuals.  Depending on the requested use of the facility, a valid, qualifying certificate of insurance may be required.  The following table gives the number of days prior to a daily permit, in which each qualified group may permit (request) or book a facility using the City's online registration portal.

FacilityPBGYAAHistorical OrganizationRecognized Group
Multipurpose Fields (excluding Gardens District Park)3528147
Gardens District Park Multipurpose Fields*3528147
Lake Catherine Softball Fields35N/A147
PGA/Mirasol Softball Fields

Gardens Park Baseball Fields (excluding Showcase & Miracle League Fields)35N/A147
Park Pavilion**60606060
Showcase & Miracle League Fields*3528147
* Immediate booking not available. Timeframes listed are windows for requesting the facility.

** Immediate booking not available for the large pavilion at Gardens District Park.

Tournament/Event/Camp Permit

Special events will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Additional consideration will be given to those which bode a positive economic impact in the community, especially those sponsored by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission. 

Facility Layout
A preliminary facility layout must be submitted with the application.  Changes to the layout, subject to additional fees and at the discretion of City staff, may be made up to 14 days in advance of the start of the tournament, event, or camp.  The final facility layout must be signed or acknowledged by both City staff and the permit holder. 

The City has the right to change the facility layout at any time for reasons of participant safety or facility play-ability/readiness.     


General Permit and Facility Use Rules

Permit holders, and all participants of the permitted activity, are responsible for abiding by all park rules and City ordinances. The following rules are strictly monitored:

  • Animals, except service animals, are prohibited on City property, per City Ordinance (sec. 46-14)
  • Balloons are prohibited at all outdoor facilities, per City Ordinance 
  • Alcohol is prohibited at all City parks, per City Ordinance (sec. 6-8)
  • Trash and event debris must be placed in the appropriate receptacles. 
  • Glitter and confetti are prohibited.


Certain Block and Tournament/Event/Camp permit holders may receive approval from City staff to put up signage at facilities utilized in the permit.  If approved, a signage plan must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the permit start date, or the first date the permit holder wishes to put the sign up.  Signage must adhere to the City’s Code of Ordinances.  Any approved signage must be removed from City facilities within 24 hours of the end of the permit.  The City has the right to remove, and dispose of, signage from a facility at any time if it is deemed not in compliance with City Code, offensive or unaesthetic.

Insurance Requirements

Applicable to some (only when requested by City staff) daily permits and all block, tournament/event/camp permits.

  • Those required shall provide a Certificate of Participant and General Liability insurance policy listing the City of Palm Beach Gardens, 10500 North Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 as additionally insured in the amount of $1 million.
  • Any organization or group storing equipment or property inside a City-owned building is responsible for providing the City a copy of its contents and equipment policy.
  • Electric or gas-powered golf carts or utility vehicles must be approved, and owner must provide copy of their insurance policy with inland marine coverage.
  • Any organization or group serving food must inform the City and provide a minimum $1 million Product/Completions and General Liability Certificate of Insurance listing the City as additionally insured.

Background Screening

Applicable to some (only when requested by City staff) daily permits and all block, tournament/event/camp permits.

Per Florida State Statute and City of Palm Beach Gardens policy, organizations providing youth programming will be required to be background checked. Coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, board members and volunteers ages 16 and over who work with children are REQUIRED to be background screened annually. The screening process takes approximately 5 days to complete. The cost of background screenings is due upon submitting of background screen application by the volunteer/permit holder. 

Click here to complete background screen.

Background Exclusion Criteria

Temporary Equipment

Any temporary equipment wanting to be utilized during a permit must be pre-approved by the permit holder's City staff liaison.

Under no circumstances may pop-up shade tents and/or other lightweight, temporary equipment be staked into the ground in any City sports turf. Sand bags, cement blocks, or other means to sufficiently weigh down equipment must be used instead. Equipment found staked in the ground will be subject to immediate removal and permit revocation.  

Admission Fees

Admission, or gate, fees may be charged by the permit holder.  Under no circumstances, however, shall fees be charged for parking of vehicles or access to a City parking lot. Permit holders can only charge gate fees for their permitted area and cannot restrict the public from accessing public areas on any City facility. A request for approval to charge a gate or entry fee must be made 48 hrs. prior to the permit date.


A list of vendors must be supplied to City staff within 14 days of permit start date.  The vendor list must include the product and nature of the vendor’s appearance and the setup location for each vendor.  All vendors are subject to City approval. The City is not responsible for the provision of utilities or assisting the vendor.   

Food trucks must be inspected by the City of Palm Beach Gardens Fire Department’s Community Risk Reduction Division. The inspection is free. Community Risk Reduction Division | Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Official Website ( The CRRD inspector can be contacted by phone to set up an appointment at: 561-799-4324.