Artisan, Crafter, & Handmade Goods Vendors

Products in this category are not made for consumption and are not mass produced. Products in this category are designed, fabricated, and hand-crafted by the vendor.

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Amelia's Art House
Stained Glass, Fused glass, handmade glass jewelry, moasics, handmade glass crafts
Bimini Beads
Beaded Jewelry, polymer clay; hand sculpted, beaded gemstone and fossil jewelry
Blu Nomad
Handmade and Ecofriendly women clothing line
Blue Lark Creations
Hand knotted Pearls, Larimar and Asst semi-precious gemstones as well as a line of Leather based pearls, Larimar and gemstones.
Bottles To Botanicals
flowers made from recycled plastic bottles, wall art made from recycled wood hurricane shutters
Handmade jewelry.  Fused glass, lasercut wood, manipulate wire and bead to create handmade jewelry from semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, glass, metal, and wood.
Christine Capriglione
Wood works. Squirrel, bird feeders. Butterfly, Bee houses.
Coastal Shellcraft
Hand-made seashell decor, such as anchors, crosses, helms wheel and wreaths. Shell flowers, ornaments, mobiles and candles. Beach bracelets and other ocean themed jewelry, such as, anklets, earrings and necklaces.
Greeting Heart, LLC
Handmade greeting
Heavenly Soap
All Natural & Handcrafted from scratch soaps, lotions, body scrubs, lip balms, face cream, eye cream, raw shea butter, soap rest, soap dish
House Broken Clothing
Original art by Scott Marino carved in wood and painted with acrylic. Original art hand printed on t-shirts
Hurst Jewelry
Jewelry, hand painted
Iguana Oil
Iguana Oil, pain salve, therapy oils, lip balm, beard oil, essential oils, face cream, facial serum, shave oil, menstrual magic, medicinal hemp
Island Resort Wear
Women's resort
JCap Cards
Handmade greeting cards and card sets for all occasions, handmade papercrafts-gift tags, gift card holders, gift bags.
Menswear: Shirts long and short sleeve, pants, shorts, t shirts, accessories, bags,
Lorraine Bowe, Inc.
jewelry: hand-knotted lariats, earrings, bracelets, anklets with pearls, semi-precious stones, and crystals, etched metal artwork, artist curated shell bags
Lovin' Bowl
Human grade dog food and dog
Lox Candle Co.
Soy wax candles, incense products(room sprays, incense, reed diffusers etc), car air fresheners, handmade bracelets, handmade cosmetics (lip balm, soap, lotion, scrub, bath bombs)
MarGus Designs
Custom handmade silver and gold jewels (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, small format sculptures with precious gemstones.)
MO Wood Design
Cutting Boards, Charcuterie Boards, Sushi Trays, Wood conditioner
Nature's Villa
handmade soaps, lotions, cbd drops, cbd salves, chaga products, salt scrubs, neem for skin issues and bugs, comfrey for pain, sunscreen, night creams and Colombian Coffee bags, and brewed coffee.
Nauti Bottles
Ocean home decor & resin art
Nest Inn Birdhouse Studio
cypress and copper bird and butterfly houses
One World Zero Waste
One World Zero Waste handmade products including but not limited to: Non-paper towels, snack bags, plate and bowl covers, face rounds, cloth wipes, vegan Mac & chz kits, elderberry syrup kits, bath salts, etc. Relevant re-usable and eco-friendly products like re-usable tote bags, handmade pottery, shampoo and conditioner bars, natural toothpaste and deodorant.
Quiet Parrot Project
ceramics, ceramic jewelry, mosaic and resin trays
Ramble on Rosy
Tie dye
Russimo Luxury Inc
Candles, Wax Melts
Seafront Art
Painted palm fronds, coconuts and buoys
SIAM Boutique
Bespoke women's apparel and accessories; handmade dresses, tops, pants, hand woven shawls, hand crocheted bikini tops, dresses, skirts, hand crafted bags and satchels. Women's bespoke shorts, pants, covers and complimentary accessories.
Soap Dudes Soap Co.
All natural organic and handmade bar soap, liquid soap, shave soap, shave brushes, pre-shave oil, beard oil and deodorant
Handmade jewelry 14k gold filled, plated, and sterling silver. Resin and eco resin products
Sunshine Beach Art
Sea glass resin nautical frames and old windows
Sweet Violet
Ocean-Inspired Handmade Jewelry using Leather and Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Shells, Sea-glass, Marine Fossils, Stones, Bones, Found Objects and Tribal Silver.
Taspens Organics
Handcrafted herbal remedies. Dragonfly Botanicals Hemp CBD.
The Els for Autism Foundation
Ocean inspired art products created by adults with autism
The Shark Tooth Chick
Sustainably made shark tooth and ocean inspired jewelry and art
The Spoonman
spoon art sea glass antiques
The Writer's Obsession
Custom Writing Instruments
Touch of Capri
Cookies, Capri cakes, Capri linen scarfs, throw pillow cases
Tropical Oils & Incense
Essential Oils,Perfume Body Oils, Fragrance Oils, Men's Cologne Oils and Aroma Lamps
Tropical Vibrations
Original design handmade women's clothing from hand dyed fabrics, and original batik paintings. A small amount of my handmade pearl, stone and crystal jewelry
Vicis Designs
 ocean seascapes with resin and sand from Jupiter, FL beach. Items include, but are not limited to the following:  trays, wall decor, pet stands, coasters, jewelry/ring dishes, coasters, ornaments, turtle bowls, shells, cutting/serving boards, turntables, end tables, etc.
Ying Zhou
Hand-made pottery