Training Division

The City of Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Training Division is committed to providing the highest quality training to ensure that we are prepared to answer the call. Firefighting, emergency medical services, rescue, and hazardous materials incidents require the best available training in order to prepare our firefighters for the wide variety of missions they are called to perform. Effective, efficient, and safe scene operations are the result of frequent, high-quality training.

The Training Division's mission is to ensure that our firefighters are provided with the best training possible. The Training Division provides our firefighters with up-to-date knowledge, develops individual skills, and improves team abilities.

The Training Division ensures that our newest firefighters obtain all of the certifications and qualifications necessary to extinguish fires, perform basic and advanced life support skills, and rescue distressed persons from a variety of hazardous environments. We prepare new fire apparatus drivers to safely drive and operate heavy vehicles under stressful conditions. We assist our officers in maintaining their command proficiencies for responses to fires, rescues, and other complex incidents and conduct promotional testing to ensure that candidates are adequately prepared to take the next step in the career ladder.

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