Operations Division


Photo of Deputy Chief of Operations

James Ippolito
Deputy Chief of Operations

Phot of Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services

Cory Bessette
Division Chief of EMS

Photo of Division Chief of Training and Professional Development

Andrew Lezza
Division Chief of Training and Professional Development

Division Chief Myles Held

Myles Held
Division Chief of Support Services


The Operations Division of Fire Rescue includes Firefighters and Fire Medics who are on duty around the clock to respond to emergencies throughout the City. They are housed in five fire stations strategically located to ensure effective response times to all neighborhoods and commercial areas and each station always has a crew consisting of, at minimum, a Captain, a Driver / Engineer, a Rescue Lieutenant, and two Firefighters or Fire Medics. A Battalion Chief is in charge of each shift and a District Captain is in charge of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and responses on each shift.

The Operations Division responds to more than 12,000 calls for emergency assistance every year, the majority of which are for medical emergencies. They also respond to structure fires, vehicle fires, brush / wildland fires, hazardous materials incidents, rescues, extrication emergencies, bomb scares, gas leaks, and public assistance calls.

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