Community Action Support Team


In May 2006, city Council approved the new Property Maintenance Standards (Ordinance 6) which became effective November 1, 2006. During a period of 6 months, staff conducted several public meetings to inform city residents about this new ordinance. As part of the city's goal to better the community, staff is also committed to partnering with outside agencies to provide assistance to low-income homeowners to assist them in resolving any outstanding code violations.

Community Action Support Team (CAST)

Since early 2007, staff has been working with representatives from all branches of government to resolve issues throughout the city. As a result, the Community Action Support Team (CAST) has been established as the leading team to represent the city in the community. The City of Palm Beach Gardens plays a major role in the development of businesses and neighborhoods.

For more information, please contact Ismael Vasquez at 561-799-4252.


The CAST goals are to find solutions, resources, and programs in order to better assist the residents and the business community. Through a partnership with citizens, businesses, and outside agencies, the city provides compliance solutions and assistance programs, as opposed to relying on enforcement methods only. The team, which includes representatives from all city departments, will offer compliance assistance, as needed, to residents and businesses.