Code Enforcement Special Magistrate

Special Magistrate

Kevin M. Wagner

About the Special Magistrate

The responsibility for the members of this committee is to provide citizen input in the city's budgeting process.

The Special Magistrate is an attorney and a member of the Florida Bar in good standing, appointed by the City Council to conduct code enforcement hearings pursuant to Florida Statute Ch. 162. County or Municipal Code Enforcement. The Special Magistrate is authorized to impose administrative fines and other non-criminal penalties where a pending or repeated violation of the City Code continues to exist through the issuance of orders, including final orders, in accordance with the controlling code, ordinance and resolution.


The mission of Code Compliance is to enforce the codes of the City of Palm Beach Gardens. It is our intent to provide a fair and expeditious process to enforce the City's technical codes and to pursue compliance in a manner consistent with the procedures, requirements, and remedies provided for in Chapter 162 of the Florida Statues.