The Gardens GreenMarket

To provide the public with an alternative, we have modified our market plan to provide a socially distanced, “shop and go” way for the community to have access to grocery type foods and plants. The Gardens 2 Go market will begin operating on Sundays, from 9am - 12pm at 10500 N. Military Trail.

Gardens 2 Go Market. Every Sunday, 9am to 12pm. 10500 North Military Trail.
Virtual Gardens GreenMarket

Gardens 2 Go Food & Produce, & Plant Market

Gardens 2 Go returns as a walk-through market, providing residents and visitors with a safe and socially distanced way to access quality produce, bread, coffee, eggs, meat, seafood, dairy, and cheese from local vendors. Click here to learn more!

Virtual Gardens GreenMarket

In an effort to connect our patrons with their favorite vendors, our Virtual Gardens GreenMarket, sponsored in good health by Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, is now live! Market-goers are now able to shop with vendors in a digital way. Click here to learn more!