Youth Programs

Police Explorers

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Explorer Post #704 is made up of approximately 20 participants between the age of 14 and 21 years old and are chartered through the Gulfstream Council and the Florida Association of Police Explorers. We are a para-military run post with an emphasis on competition and training. In addition to competing, we assist in details throughout the city and attend many public functions. The program is designed for individuals with an interest in a future career in the Law Enforcement field. Anyone interested in the program can contact the Officer Kirsten Eriksson at (561) 799-4545.

Police Explorers Displaying Trophies from State Competition

Juvenile First Offender Program

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department participates in the Juvenile First Offender (J.F.O.) program in partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County. This program is a state regulated juvenile diversion program for misdemeanor first offenders. Juvenile cases are reviewed and if the criteria is met, they are offered this program which consists of classes, community service and other educational services. Once completed, the criminal case is diverted and not sent to the State Attorney's Office. It should be noted that this is program for FIRST offenders only and not all misdemeanors qualify. For more information please contact Officer Kirsten Eriksson at (561) 799-4545.