Youth Dance

The City of Palm Beach Gardens offers dance instruction for ages 2 years through 19 years old. Our classes include ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more and are taught by experienced dance instructors. Many dance students will participate in our annual dance recital at the Eissey Theatre in May. We also offer some recreation dance classes just for fun! During the summer months, recital classes are not offered; only recreational dance classes.

All classes take place at Burns Road Community Center, 4404 Burns Road.


  • Nicole Haag
  • Helen Scott
  • Maria Hernandez
  • Michaela Bradford
  • Abigail Clark
  • Carlos deBarros


  • Recreational Classes: Registration is currently unavailable. To see a listing of what is typically offered, please see below. 
  • Recital Classes: Registration for Recital dance classes is now closed. Please scroll down for more information on Recital classes.

NEW! Dance & Cheer Team

Let’s get your tiny cheerleaders inspired! Join our fun and energy driven cheer program and help build on your child’s success and self-confidence! Each session, participants will learn basic coordination skills for jumps, stunts, cheers, and a cheer/dance routine with some simple tumbling. We will gear up to cheer at local basketball games.

  • Instructor: Tonya Wolfe
  • Location: Burns Road Community Center

Tiny Tots Team

  • Age: 3-4
  • Day: Friday
  • *UNIFORM: $52 + tax required uniform paid at time of registration: shell, skirt, briefs, bow pom-poms (wear your own white tennis shoes)
FriJan 10-Feb 283:15-4pm$112/$140*CANCELLED
FriMar 6-May 223:15-4pm$140/$175*CANCELLED

Tiger Cheerleaders Team

  • Age: 5-12
  • *UNIFORM: $70 + tax required uniform paid at time of registration: shell, skirts, briefs, bow, pom-poms, white sneakers.
FriJan 10-Feb 284:15-5:15pm$112/$140*CANCELLED
FriMar 6-May 224:15-5:15pm$140/$175*CANCELLED
  1. Recreational Dance
  2. Recital Dance
  3. Private Lessons


Recreational dance classes are great for those who cannot make a 9-month commitment to participate in the recital but still want to experience the joy of dance. Sign up and join these classes at any time. Recreation dance classes will be pro-rated. (If you are interested in Recital classes, please click on the tab next to Recreational Dance.)

Tutu Toddlers

Toddlers are introduced to the world of dance through creative play and basic ballet movement. This class is not a parent/child class. 

  • Age: 2-3
  • Instructor: Abigail Clark
  • No class May 7
ThuJan 16-Mar 192:30-3pm$120/$150CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 212:30-3pm$84/$105CANCELLED

Ballerina Basics

This class is designed to introduce your child to dance through music, creative movement and the fundamentals of ballet.

  • Age: 3-4
  • Instructor: Abigail Clark
  • No class May 7
ThuJan 16-Mar 193:10-3:55pm$120/$150CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 213:10-3:55pm$84/$105CANCELLED


Learn beginner ballet positions and fundamental exercises. Rhythm, body awareness and creativity are encouraged.

  • Age: 3.5-6
  • Instructor: Carla Lewis
WedJan 15-Mar 183:30-4:15pm$120/$150CANCELLED
WedJan 15-Mar 184:20-5:05pm$120/$150CANCELLED
WedApr 1-May 203:30-4:15pm$96/$120CANCELLED
WedApr 1-May 204:20-5:05pm$96/$120CANCELLED

Hip Hop for Kids

This class provides a structured method of learning in various Hip-Hop dance elements in a positive and encouraging class environment. The weekly classes offer assorted sets of original steps and combinations. 1 year of experience is preferred but not necessary.

  • Age: 6-10
  • Instructor: Maria Hernandez
TueJan 14-Mar 174:10-4:55pm$120/$150CANCELLED
TueMar 31-May 194:10-4:55pm$96/$120CANCELLED


These 75-minute workshops are focused on breaking down individual movements learned in dance class. Students will learn structured improv exercises and create a unique way to listen and interpret different genres of music. They are designed to broaden a dancer’s repertoire and cultivate their own unique sense of style and movement.

  • Age: 10-18
  • Instructor: Michaela Bradford
FriJan 175:15-6:30pm$15/$19CANCELLED
FriFeb 145:15-6:30pm$15/$19CANCELLED
FriMar 205:15-6:30pm$15/$19CANCELLED
FriApr 175:15-6:30pm$15/$19CANCELLED

Mock Dance Audition for Bak Middle School of the Arts and Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Auditioning can be an intimidating and nerve-racking task for anyone. Imagine what a 5th or 8th grader may feel like? Give your dancer the experience needed to excel at an audition by attending this mock dance audition run by a former Bak Middle School of the Arts dance teacher with 15 years of experience. Learn what it takes to audition for your local arts school. Gain confidence and receive valuable feedback on your technique to see where your strengths and weaknesses are and hear key audition tips to improve your success rate. Additional dates for January 2020 TBA.

  • Age: 5th/8th grade
  • Instructor: Carlos deBarros
SatDec 72-5pm$50/$60CANCELED
Five dancers and their instructor holding awards
Four dance girls posing in costumes
Elite Compete Dance Team

Cancelled Classes

At times, classes are cancelled due to low enrollment. If you are interested in taking a class that has been cancelled, please email the Recreation Department or call 561-630-1100 and put your name on a list to let us know that you are interested in that class. Once we have enough people to hold the class, we will try to restart that class.