The mission of the Facilities unit is to provide safe and quality buildings for all visitors and employees. The repair and maintenance is done by City staff as well as contractual services in order to improve and expand the facilities to accommodate the City's growth and meet the citizen's needs. The majority of the buildings are over 15 years old and therefore require additional maintenance. In order to ensure all facilities are well maintained, the following programs were developed:


  • 5-Year Roof Replacement and Maintenance Program - The plan provides a surface analysis of the roofing systems assembly, notes visible deficiencies, determines estimated useful life of the structures, projects future capital expenditures, and provides a 5-year maintenance/replacement schedule.
  • 5-Year Maintenance, Repairs and Operations (MRO) Program - Staff conducted an analysis of all City-owned buildings. The analysis identified current deficiencies and estimated useful life for all structures and their ancillary equipment. The plan includes, but is not limited to, pressure washing, building painting, HVAC replacement, parking lot resurfacing, energy management system installation, floor and carpet replacement, and several large renovation projects.