Group and Community Residential Homes

In thousands of neighborhoods across the United States, there are group homes/community residential homes quietly and inconspicuously blending in with the community. These homes are often established in typical residential neighborhoods and often contain the typical features of a household. However, instead of traditional families, they are comprised of a group of unrelated individuals who receive support services while residing at the house.

Many different kinds of residents can live in group homes. They may fall into the following categories:

  • physically disabled individuals
  • mentally disabled individuals
  • individuals in drug rehabilitation programs
  • individuals in alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • children in foster care
  • individuals with chronic disabilities
  • juvenile offenders/troubled teens

City's authority to regulate Group/Community Homes

The City's authority to regulate the siting and occupancy of group and community residential homes is limited by Florida Statute 419, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Fair Housing Act.

For further information on these homes please contact your state representatives or visit the websites below for the Department of Justice, Florida Statute 419, and Fair Housing Act.

U.S. Department of Justice

Florida Statute 419

Fair Housing Act

Contacts for help or additional information

State Representative contacts:

National and State Representatives for Palm Beach Gardens

State Attorney's Office Sober Home Task Force

Tip Line: 1-844-324-5463