Private Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Sandhill Crane's PGA Professional staff has you covered. Our private instruction offers individual lessons, our Game Changer lesson package, and specialty training, which focused on analyzing and fixing a core aspect of your swing utilizing advance machinery and on-course instruction.

Private Instruction:

Individual Lessons

One-on-One Lesson
Half an Hour Private Instruction$70
Full Hour Private Instruction$125

Lesson Package

Four Session Game Changer: $425 
Session OneEvaluation, video analysis with short game training; Devise improvement plan for your game.
Session TwoApproach shot and full-swing improvement.
Session ThreeReview and improvement; short-game and approach shot focus with full-swing work.
Session FourPlaying lesson and course management; punch shot and uneven lie overview.

Specialty Training

Playing Lesson: $150
Join one of our PGA Training Professional on the course as they take you through in-depth match analysis. Every shot, and every swing will be worked on in this 9-hole training lesson.
Equipment Lesson: $150
Train with your PGA Pro in our brand new Sandhill Crane Learning Center. Utilize equipment from Swing Catalyst, Trackman, SAM Puttlab, K-Vest, and MEGSA.