Adult Leagues

The Sandhill Crane Golf Club offers a Men’s and Women’s League with team and individual formats. Players of all levels are welcome. Be sure to sign up in advance in the pro shop.

Men’s League

Our Men’s League offers the opportunity for anyone to participate and enjoy a competitive and enjoyable golf outing filled with comradeship and worthwhile experiences.

  • 18-hole Men’s League is held every Thursday. Play starts at 7:00 am.
Golfer Hitting Ball Out of Sand Trap

Women's League

Sandhill Crane's Women's League starts in November. We offer two enjoyable groups to best fit your schedule and play style.

  • 18-hole Women's League is held every Wednesday. Play starts at 8:00am.
  • 9-hole Women's League is held every Thursday. Play starts at 1:00pm.

League Events

Our seasonal leagues are competitive events that span a few days to a few months. Each event is tailored to a specific type of golfer, with the intent of having something for everyone. Our leagues have the added benefit of being fun and cost-effective and hosted with the intent of having an enjoyable time.

Gardens Cup Series

The Gardens Cup Series is a 4 match league in the following months after the Gardens Cup. Gardens Cup Series tends to run from June through September, and offer amazing opportunities each event. Each year, the top scoring pair over all four events receive the Champion Title and an All-Inclusive Summer Membership.

Couples Outing Series

Couples Outing Series is an upcoming series where you compete against other golfing pairs as you vie to be Club Couple Champions. The series takes place over a series of weeks, similar to our other series layouts, but with added bonus of a couples social after each match. 

Parent Junior Program

Parent Junior is a bridge between junior programs and adult activities, and a wonderful family experience. Teaming up youth with wisdom, Parent Junior is a shotgun start at 4:00 pm every Sunday afternoon. Play with some of the best youth golfers in the area, while engaging and enjoying a nice family afternoon.