The City of Palm Beach Gardens is considering offering annexation to 5 areas to the east. After assessing the potential impact on neighborhoods and businesses, most property owners across the annexation areas would save money and receive improved public safety, storm/emergency response, infrastructure and recreation services.

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annexation process

The City Council would offer annexation to five geographical areas. Then voters inside each area would have an election, probably March 19, 2024. If the majority of each area’s voters choose to annex, the area becomes part of Palm Beach Gardens. If they decide against annexation, everything stays the same as it is now. Current Palm Beach Gardens citizens do not vote on annexations.

a win-win annexation

Palm Beach Gardens is regularly approached by property owners requesting annexation into the City. In fact, we’ve welcomed nine annexation areas in the past five years, and the growth has created efficiencies allowing us to both lower our tax rate and better plan for future service delivery. Smart annexation is great for the residents and businesses of Palm Beach Gardens. These five proposed annexation areas are no different. Welcoming them would be good for the City, and we also know property owners can save money and enjoy higher levels of service, too. It’s a win-win.

Annexation Could Save Money

Using proposed tax rates, property owners with a taxable value below $411,250 would save money by annexing into Palm Beach Gardens even though the City’s property tax rate is slightly higher. This is because Palm Beach Gardens does not charge a utility tax, has a lower telecommunications tax rate and the City pays a portion of every resident’s solid waste bill. Over 70% of the properties in the annexation areas have a taxable value below $411,250. For this calculation, we used curbside pickup solid waste rates and conservative estimates of $300 monthly each for utility and telecommunications bills.