Pre-K Programs

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R = PBG Resident
NR = Non-resident


All classes take place at Burns Road Community Center (BRCC), 4404 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 unless otherwise noted.
An instructor with young boys and girls wearing dinosaur masks.

Pre-K Special Events

  • Age: 4 and under
  • No charge for parents. 
  • Please register in advance.

Splishin’ and Splashin’ Party

Grab your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen and let’s get soaked! This water-filled event will feature water play as well as a story, crafts and refreshments.

FriMar 209:30-10:30am$12/$15CANCELLED

Earth Day Rocks!

Celebrate Earth Day with your toddler and help them learn to "live green, love green, think green and dream green". This event will feature a planting activity, recycled crafts, story and refreshments.

FriApr 179:30-10:30am$12/$15CANCELLED




Kids Need More Art programs are taught by art specialists who are not only passionate about what they do but are true advocates for the Visual Arts in our schools. Their evolving art curriculums are designed to be fun and engaging, while combining discipline-based art education (art production, art criticism, art history, and aesthetics) with real-life, academic connections. The City of Palm Beach Gardens is excited to welcome KNMA right here at our community center! For more information visit them online at

Tiny Kids: A Parent & Me Program

Toddlers and their moms or dads are invited to join us for some creative “together” time that is sure to become one of your favorite weekly activities! Each Tiny Kids class will offer an opportunity for little hands to get messy while engaging in an art activity. We will talk about ways to encourage self-expression through art, and each young artist will leave with a small gift that can be used to promote creativity at home for tiny kids. Start your toddler on an art journey with Kids Need More Art that will last a lifetime!

  • Age: 2-4
  • Instructor: Karen Nobel, Kids Need More Art
  • Location: BRCC
ThuJan 30-Mar 59:30-10:30am$108/$135CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 79:30-10:30am$108/$135CANCELLED

Pre-School Art with Mixed Media Madness

Get together with paint, collage, pastel, photographs, charcoal, crayon, and found objects for an afternoon of crazy fun with art! Discover how the many mediums of art can come together to create texture, pattern, and value in one of the most popular art forms. Please note: This is not a parent/child program. Kids only!

  • Age: 3-5
  • Instructor: Karen Nobel, Kids Need More Art
ThuJan 30-Mar 510:45-11:45am$108/$135CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 710:45-11:45am$108/$135CANCELLED


It’s never too early to introduce healthy activities into your child’s life. Amazing Tots uses sports as a catalyst for cognitive development. The extensive curriculum was developed by a doctor and endorsed by renowned childhood specialists. Basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, and track & field are introduced in a setting that allows for exploration, yet with structure and education to enable rapid development of motor skills. Color and shape recognition are fostered within obstacle course adventures and nutritional components, but most importantly we want your child to have fun!

  • Age: 18 months-2 years
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes
ThuMar 5 - Apr 29-9:30am$60/78 mo.CANCELLED
ThuApr 9 - 309-9:30am$60/78 mo.CANCELLED


Amazing Athletes is usually a child’s first introduction to sports. As a result, we seek to create a fun, non-competitive environment for developing a familiarity and requisite motor skills for 10 different sports, including lacrosse, tennis, golf, track & field, volleyball, football, baseball, basketball and soccer. Each class features various plyometric activities and stretching for warm-up, an obstacle course adventure, two sports using age-appropriate equipment (different sports each week), a Muscle Zoo where we teach a muscle group through mimicking an animal movement, a power food of the week in which we talk about the health benefits of eating a particular fruit or vegetable, culminating in a fun game that reinforces the skills previously taught.

  • Age: 3-6 
  • Instructor: Amazing Athletes  
TueMar 3 - 311-1:45pm$65/85 mo.CANCELLED
TueApr 7 - 281-1:45pm$65/85 mo.CANCELLED

NEW! Tiny Tots Dance & Cheer Team

Let’s get your Tiny Cheerleaders inspired! Join our fun and energy driven cheer program and help build on your child’s success and self-confidence! Each session, participants will learn basic coordination skills for jumps, stunts, cheers, and a cheer/dance routine with some simple tumbling. We will gear up to cheer at local basketball games (schedule for games to be announced). Come be a part of our Cheer Team!

  • Age: 3-4  
  • Instructor: Tonya Wolfe 
  • No class 3/27 or 4/10
FriMar 6-May 223:15-4pm$140/$175*CANCELLED

*$52.00 required uniform paid after 1st class: Shell, Skirt, Briefs, Bow, Pom-Poms.

Totally 2’s and 3’s

Totally 2’s and 3’s is derived from the Totally Tots program offered last year.  Each class will be based on a story and craft while teaching participants letter and number recognition, fine motor skills, social skills and movement. Snacks provided.  

  • Age: 2-3
  • Instructor: Louise Jordan
  • Location: BRCC
  • No class March 25

Totally 2’s (age 2)

WedFeb 19-Apr 19-9:45am$48/$60CANCELLED
WedApr 8-May 139-9:45am$48/$60CANCELLED


Totally 3’s  (age 3)                                 

WedFeb 19-Apr 110-10:45am$48/$60CANCELLED
WedApr 8-May 1310-10:45am$48/$60CANCELLED

Tutu Toddlers

Toddlers are introduced to the world of dance through creative play and basic ballet movement.

  • Age: 2-3
  • Instructor: Abigail Clark
  • No class May 7
ThuJan 6-Mar 192:30-3pm$120/$150CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 212:30-3pm$84/$105CANCELLED

Ballerina Basics

This class is designed to introduce your child to dance through music, creative movement and the fundamentals of ballet.

  • Age: 3-4
  • Instructor: Abigail Clark
  • No class May 7
ThuJan 16-Mar 193:10-3:55pm$120/$150CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 213:10-3:55pm$84/$105CANCELLED


Learn beginner ballet positions and fundamental exercises. Rhythm, body awareness and creativity are encouraged.

  • Age: 3.5-6
  • Instructor: Carla Lewis
WedJan 15-Mar 183:30-4:15pm$120/$150CANCELLED
WedJan 15-Mar 184:20-5:05pm$120/$150CANCELLED
WedApr 1-May 203:30-4:15pm$96/$120CANCELLED
WedApr 1-May 204:20-5:05pm$96/$120CANCELLED


Small and Tall Gymnastics

The parent participates with their child during this class. We will use the beginning skills in gymnastics along with play to further the physical development and coordination of the students.   

  • Age: 1-2 w/parent   
  • Location: BRCC
  • Instructor: Gymnastics Revolution
  • No class December 5
ThuJan 16-Mar 1210-10:45am$108/$135CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 2810-10:45am$108/$135CANCELLED

Tots Gymnastics

Our young gymnasts use the scaled down gymnastics equipment in order to learn beginning skills. This class will teach strength, balance, flexibility, and discipline, along with play to further the student’s physical development and coordination skills.  

  • Age: 3-5 
  • Location: BRCC
  • Instructor: Gymnastics Revolution 
  • No class December 5
Day Date Time R/NR Fee Code 
ThuJan 16-Mar 1211-11:40am$108/$135CANCELLED
ThuJan 16-Mar 123:30-4:20pm$108/$135CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 2811-11:40pm$108/$135CANCELLED
ThuApr 2-May 283:30-4:20pm$108/$135CANCELLED

Cancelled Classes

At times,  classes are cancelled due to low enrollment. If you are interested in taking a class that has been cancelled, please email the Recreation Department or call 561-630-1100 and put your name on a list to let us know that you are interested in that class. Once we have enough people to hold the class, we will try to restart that class.