Contractor Responsibilities – Stocking Permit (12)

The Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Community Risk Reduction Division and the City Building Department are very supportive prior to issuing the Certificate of Occupancy of allowing buildings near completion to be occupied by construction staff (removal of trailer), the stocking of furniture, equipment and supplies, and/or allowing the owner or their representative to begin training their staff within the facility provided all the following conditions are met:

  1. A Stocking Permit is applied and paid for.
  2. The Fire sprinkler system is 100% complete (all ceiling tile must be in place).
  3. The Fire Alarm system is 100% complete.
  4. All required documentation for the Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm has been received.
  5. The Knox box is properly installed, and all required keys are placed in the box.
  6. The elevators must pass the state of Florida inspection (elevator recall is part of the Fire Alarm inspection).
  7. No exposed wiring.
  8. The owner, their representatives and staff shall not be allowed in any areas that may subject them to a high risk of injury or death (example electrical / mechanical rooms).

Upon passing the Stocking Permit inspection, the Fire Marshal and/or Chief Building Official will notify you with the approval to begin the stocking process. However, under no conditions shall the owner or their representative be allowed to bring customers or clients into the facility until the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but a basic list of the most common requirements.