Wireless Cellular Radio Fire Alarm Requirements (6)

Per the Fire Marshal (AHJ) of the City of Palm Beach Gardens and in accordance with the National Fire Protection Agency Code “NFPA 72”, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, 2013 Edition – properties requesting to install wireless fire alarm communicators shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Written documentation shall be presented, confirming a minimum of two separate cellular towers are within the range of the fire alarm monitoring device so that if the primary tower loses power the signal shall automatically be picked up by the next available tower.
  2. Written documentation shall be presented, confirming that if the primary radio transponder fails to operate that a secondary back-up device will automatically become the primary transponder. 
  3. Any device associated with the transmission of alarm signal will not be installed in any attic space or other such areas that interfere with the signal strength
  4. Any failures to the system shall be annunciated to the supervising station within five minutes of the failure.
  5. Per NFPA 72, 10.3.1 – equipment constructed and installed in conformity with this code shall be listed for the purpose for which it is used (all fire alarm equipment shall be UL or FM listed for their specific use).
  6. Per NFPA 72, 10.3.2 – All system components shall be installed, tested, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's published instructions and this code.
  7. Per NFPA 72, 10.3.3* - all devices and appliances that receive their power from the initiating device circuit or signaling line circuit, shall be listed for use with the control unit.
  8. NFPA 72, – Single communications technology – where only one communications technology is used, any failure of the communications path shall be annunciated to the supervising station within 5 minutes of failure.