Transverse Rumble Strips (9)

The City of Palm Beach Gardens does not allow “speed bumps” - regardless of the location, commercial or residential. However, the City does recognize the need to have devices installed in our roadways to make drivers better aware of the need to slow down. 

To help achieve this, the City has approved the following:

Transverse rumble strips are the only device that will be approved and only after the appropriate plans and permitting have been submitted and approved by Development Compliance, Building, Fire, and Police Departments. Transverse rumble strips can be installed to warn drivers of an upcoming need to act, such as the need to stop at a traffic signal, or slow down at an intersection or in a busy parking lot.

Transverse rumble strips are raised patterns installed on the roadway that create a texture different from pavement to produce both an audible warning and physical vibration when vehicle tires pass over them. Transverse rumble strips are installed across the travel lanes of the roadway, perpendicular to the flow of vehicles.

Design Considerations

  1. The only approved transverse rumble strips within the roadway shall be of the raised type, constructed of either thermoplastic, asphalt or commercial manufactured strips.
  2. The minimum length (front to back) is 5’ with the width being the entire drive aisle being protected, with consideration to bike lanes. The raised strip shall be no more than ½” above the surface of the roadway.
  3. Bicycle lanes should not have rumble strips. Consideration of the bicycle lane width needs to be considered when submitting plans.
  4. All rumble strips shall be of the same color. The strips may be the same color as the roadway in which installed, else the strips shall be only black, white or orange.
  5. Rumble strips should not be placed through pedestrian crossings.
  6. Rumble strips should not be placed near occupied structures where the noise can impact those within the structure.

Rumble strips must be approved by the City Engineer. The strips must be either thermoplastic, asphalt or commercially manufactured. The strips must go the width of the drive aisle they are designed for and 5 feet in length (front to back).

Sample Requirements

Pictures are for demonstration purposes only and not set to scale.

Rumble Strip Side View.
Rumble Strip Overhead View.