Truss Marking Requirements (17)

Florida State Statute 633.01 (1)

Definitions & Technical Detail: “Light Frame” construction is when the primary structural components formed by a system of repetitive wood or light gauge steel framing members. This can be either of the following or a combination of the Roof and/or Floor.

Where “Light Frame” construction is present, the AHJ shall ensure that this type of construction is indicated on the structure exterior. The building owner or their representative shall attach to the building a bright RED 8” by 8” reflective Maltese cross indicating the type of “Light Frame” construction present. These signs shall be installed 4’ to 6’ above ground level and within 24 inches to the left of the main entry or where otherwise approved by the AHJ. 

Sample Labeling Requirements

Sample truss marking labeling requirements with dimensions.

Sample of Reflective Signage

Sample of reflective truss marking signage.

Sample Location of Signage

Sample location of signage outside door.