Knox and Click2Enter Requirements (8)

Knox Rapid Entry System

All buildings that have a fire alarm in the City of Palm Beach Gardens are REQUIRED to have a Knox Rapid Entry System, better known as a Knox Box. The building owner is responsible to ensure that keys to all vita areas within the building are kept in the Knox Box for emergency Fire Department access. Keys include: main entrance, electrical and mechanical rooms, elevator machine rooms and emergency operation keys, and rooms containing fire systems such as fire alarm panels and sprinkler shut off valves.

Knox Company
1601 W. Deer Valley Road
Phoenix, AZ 85027 US
Phone: 800-552-5669
Fax: 623-687-2290

Sample of Knox Box style number 3275.

Sample of Knox Box style number 3264.

Knox Lock

All non-electric gates that are secured by a chain and a lock MUST also have a Knox Lock installed on the chain.

Knox lock.


All Electric Gates & Barrier Arms entering a Palm Beach Gardens Community are REQUIRED to have BOTH a Knox Single Switch AND Click2Enter Radio Transceiver System.

Click2Enter, Inc. - Corporate Offices
P.O. Box 174, Chromo, Colorado 81128
Toll Free: (877) 939-3800
Ohio Mobile: (216) 789-3814
Fax: (707) 244-4335

Knox Switch diagram with specifications.

Click2Enter Location outside gate with fire engine.