Will the yard sales still be held?

Yes, please refer to the Recreation “GardensLife” brochure and website for dates. The yard sales will be held outdoors in a park.

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1. When will the Community Center close to the public?
2. What is the project start date and anticipated ending?
3. What does the project include?
4. Does the community center closing affect programs in the parks, Aquatic Complex, or the Tennis & Pickleball Center?
5. How can I reach the Department staff during the closure?
6. What is happening with public youth camps while the community center is closed?
7. Where will the Senior programs be held?
8. Is indoor pickleball available?
9. I noticed the class I have participated in, or that my child has participated in, is not listed in the program brochure, what is the status?
10. Does the City offer other indoor locations for private rentals?
11. Will the yard sales still be held?
12. Will the Holiday Bazaar be held?
13. Where can I register for programs?
14. How do I rent a field or reach the Sports Division Staff?
15. Will the PBGYAA host a youth basketball league during the closure?
16. Where is my voting location when the community center closes?
17. How will I get to the Aquatic Complex during the closure?
18. Will the playground and walking trail remain open during construction?
19. Where will parking be available for the Aquatic Complex, playground, and walking trail?
20. Will parking be available for the GreenMarket on the community center site?