Why do people on social media say Palm Beach Gardens taxes are super high?

We don’t really know. Palm Beach Gardens’ reputation as an upscale community may lead people to believe taxes are high, but the numbers don’t lie. Palm Beach Gardens’ property tax rate is slightly higher than unincorporated rates, but the City doesn’t tax utilities, pays a portion of every resident’s trash bill and has a lower communication tax rate.

Palm Beach Gardens compares favorably to other cities. Palm Beach Gardens property tax rate is 5.17 mills including fire. Juno Beach residents pay a total of 5.28 mills, the Juno tax rate of 1.82 mills and the County Fire tax of 3.46 mills. The North Palm Beach property tax rate is 6.9 mills, but they do not pay the County library tax of .5599 mills.

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1. Are there five elections?
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13. Why do people on social media say Palm Beach Gardens taxes are super high?
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40. Will my homestead exemptions or Save Our Homes protection change?
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