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Commendations & Complaints

  1. Palm Beach Gardens Police Department Employee Commendation & Complaint Form
    As a progressive, professional public service organization, we are dedicated to ensuring the integrity and performance of our department and its members as we go about the business of law enforcement, including community-based policing, crime prevention and crime control.

    The integrity and performance of our Police Department depends on the personal integrity and performance of each and every member of the Department. These commendation and complaint processes are integral parts of maintaining that integrity and performance by recognizing and rewarding professional behavior and by identifying and correcting inappropriate behavior. These processes are a direct reflection of our commitment to professional excellence.

    Whether you wish to make a commendation or complaint, be assured you will be treated with the same respect and dignity.
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    You may use this form to make your commendation or complaint, but the preferred method is to speak directly with a Police Department supervisor. Anonymous commendations and complaints will be reviewed, but formal action cannot be taken without independent corroborating evidence.

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